2022.1.3 – The more sideways Bitcoin goes, the smarter it will fall!

The bearish trend is confirmed after Bitcoin broke its uptrend line at 2021.12.4.

Of course, it is easier to understand and accept short samples when it is lower than the moving average of 15EMA, but it is easier to understand and accept when the chart is broken from 15EMA and up. ‘to the bullish area in the image above. Short working model.

This understanding and acceptance is subjective. This is because Bitcoin appears to be strong in place to attract the image above, and it’s really going to last a long time.

In an attractive place, tone of sight is paramount, and reliability is paramount.

Clearly, at least for now, this attractive place is deliberately facilitated by organizations and the aim is to inspire entrepreneurs to buy more and do more. Doesn’t it take more time and save the labor in the hand?

In the food industry, one can look at two things to reduce the direction of the organization.

1. The uptrend of the green line is below 202.12.4 and the high rally effect is good.

This shows that short jobs match skills!

Second, Tiantu’s middle line is always short and at least no golden cross.

Assuming that there is no golden cross on the moving average, at least we will not rush, and even if it is not enough, we will seek and wait for the best, but it will not last not long.

With the two points above, you can reduce your loss for at least a long time.

Bitcoin 4 hours

On December 28, 2021, you can still own the single Gone A way join 48937!

Bearish as long as the 15EMA moving average on the daily chart is totally restricted

This short-term average has been held for almost 6 days, but Bitcoin is still micro-profit.

This is due to a support area in the area of ​​the now modified plane, like the horizontal signal support in the figure above.

The main purpose of these social benefits is also to encourage more investors to consider negotiations well before the onset of the recession.

Ultimately, as long as it is only one day long, many investors will come, guess what.

However, this area is unlikely to rise immediately above the 15 EMA daily chart as the strong recovery from the green 4 hour uptrend line is also limited and has a 4 hour sector pin. – Swallow induction.

This guide pin indicates that we are about to fall!

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