Stablecoin Holdings exchanges on the rise, short-term Bitcoin holders "drop the bag"

According to data from Push Terminal, over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin’s exchange rate rose to nearly $ 51,500 and then refused to recover. The current price is just over $ 50,000, with a daily increase of less than 1%. . Bitcoin has rebounded 10% in the past 7 days and is still down 6% last month.

The chain’s data shows the security of the exchange rate has increased, short-term Bitcoin holders have been “secured” and the Bitcoin ratio has been close to its highest potential this year, which could mean that the cost adjustment is not yet complete. .

Short-term Bitcoin holders are ‘lost’

The data tracked by CryptoQuant shows that the coverage of the securities has increased further due to the fact that some holders of short-term BTC are aware of the benefits. Stablecoin holding is an indicator that measures all securities currently stored in the exchange portfolio, taking into account all securities indexed to fiat currency. Higher numbers for this indicator indicate that investors have withdrawn from unchanged trading markets such as Bitcoin and have started to hold their assets in the form of stable currencies. Generally speaking, we can observe this behavior when customers start to realize their benefits.

On the other hand, falling money can mean that investors are turning stable money into an unstable market. This difference is usually associated with a loss in rates like BTC or fixed exchange rates. It is the law of competition.

This reserve also affects the purchasing power of the trader as holders often use fixed coins to purchase other tokens like ETH, SOL, etc. So, a lower price indicates a lower buy and recurrence.

The following graph shows the differences in holding positions over the past few months.

As the figure shows, the recent slight drop in the BTC rate has inflated the value of their stable holdings, indicating that some holders have benefited. These cancellations come from short-term holders buying at a lower cost.

The chart also shows the steady inflow of money, representing all tokens entering the exchange wallet. As expected, this indicator has recently increased at some point. On the other hand, an increase in the holding currency can also help the value of Bitcoin, as investors often use fiat currency when prices fall and switch to a stable currency to buy when the business loses.

BTC leverage hits annual high

Another metric to keep in mind is the reliability of each exchange i.e. the opening interest rates for each exchange divided by the BTC.

Data shows that the BTC leverage ratio has reached its annual high. This shows that the market is now putting a lot of effort into it and hardworking players can make the final bet which can lead to Bitcoin volatility. Analysts believe the high price of these examples could mean that the price of Bitcoin will soon drop to clean up too much of the market. “The biggest effort in two years,” said Marc Deloreankt, analyst at CryptoQuant.

A few days ago, Bitcoin appeared to have risen an indicator above the value of $ 50,000, but it is not clear if the coin can be revalued to a higher level. If the leverage ratio fluctuates, this short-term return can be quickly reduced by further lower level adjustments.

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